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Welcome to WE PAINTING

We are We Painting and started as a full service painting company in 2008 specialised in exterior and interior repainting but most important of all we are committed to a hundred percent customer satisfaction on every job we take.

All your painting work is done neatly, professionally and quickly. Our whole purpose as a company revolves around creating a fantastic painting experience for you and making sure you feel proud and at home in the place where you live, live or work.

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Our Approach
We start the given task meticulously. We understand the colour and intent our customers want, and we work with only high-quality materials from foundation to finish.
Our process
From the first quotation, we will inform you of the progress in order, and guide you through unnecessary and necessary parts. We will inform you of the exact working hours and what materials are used.
we painting
are you looking for a professional painting company?

Are you looking for a professional painting company specialised in painting interior and exterior work? A company that strives for one hundred percent customer satisfaction and goes for top quality in all the jobs they do? Then you have come to the right place!

You want to experience the feeling of pride, joy and satisfaction when you watch you newly and fresh painted house or office? That fantastic feeling which kicks in when you realise this is your place? Why don’t you just contact the professionals from We Painting for a chat over a cup of coffee? Then we can talk about your wishes and ideas and we can tell more about our services. Just click here for our services page or click here for our contact page.